Monday, December 4, 2006

The Eleven Weirdest Things I've Seen In A Customer's House

11. A collection of Bocce Balls numbering in the hundreds.

10. Dozens of cigar boxes full of burnt-out light bulbs.

9. A breath-taking bunch of sex toys including anal beads and an eighteen-inch double dildo - in a house owned by the most white-bread couple on earth.

8. Thousands of rounds of ammunition, hidden behind everything in the house.

7. A collection of antique eye-glasses. Creepy!

6. A box full of thousands of naked pictures of a guy's wife, spanning at least thirty years.

5. Every single episode of "Married with Children", taped off TV.

4. A full-sized plaster statue of a nude, semi-chubby woman.

3. A drawer full of "Official Temple Lingerie" in the room of a Mormon bishop's buxom daughter.

2. The creepiest piece of taxidermy ever made, consisting of various animal parts combined to look like a humanoid alien. It was horrifying.

1. The nude breasts of a fortune-500 company CFO.

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